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A-Line Dress

The A-line dress/skirt is one of my favorite types of dresses; The style’s common but I favor them for both the obvious and not so obvious reasons. Read on to see why every girl should have one (or more) of these!


A woman’s curve can start as far up as her shoulders, down to the bust and most inward at the waist. Below the waist, the hips/bottom contrast the waist to form the biggest curve of the body. Most models have hips that are wider than the bust area but generally smaller than the shoulders.


Dress – Zara 

Bag – Michael Kors

Bracelet – Tiffany & Co

Ring – Bittersweet (Swarovski Crystals)

Shoes – Aldo


The dress works for many body types – curvy, less curvy, slim, less slim. The A line accentuates the waist making it appear slimmer. The effect is reinforced when the bottom of the dress heavily flare out. The magic here is IF you do not have a very obvious waist line, this dress will create that look for you by accentuating the waist and contrasting it with the flare. If you do not have very wide hips like myself, the flare gives a “silent boost” and provide room for imagination.

Since the cut is at the waist, a short A line dress will make you appear taller and in turn, slimmer. If you already have long legs, a short A line will make your legs look like they are good for modelling! 🙂 Especially if you match it with a pair of high heels. I can’t speak for everyone but i know I am very conscious of the size my thigh so I sometimes rely on the flare to conveniently hide them. The A line dresses’ cut often stops at the thinner part of our legs which is inches above the knee or even half way across the thighs (as shown in the picture), making our legs look longer and slimmer – and even more appealing when accessorized correctly.


The only time I do not suggest A line dresses is when you have big calves, in which case the flare will have the opposite effect.

Many women do not prefer this style because it can come off too “young and cute” and less sophisticated, but to me an A line dress can send different messages by their patterns.

Hello! Share your thoughts! (:

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