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Suspenders Fashion

My first pair of overall denim suspenders! I’ve waited very long for this moment. I own a pair of shorts suspenders with leather straps, adorable but I have definitely grown out of it over the years.


These pretties in front of you were $45 from Suzy Shier. In all honesty it was quite pricey because Suzy’s not exactly known for their quality. I was in a good mood when I made the purchase and good mood does wonders! ….Okay to be fair they are so comfortable and let me to do all kinds of wild movements in them! it did also fit me very well, which is very rare because I don’t easily find pants that are complementary to my figure, let alone suspenders!


I threw on a crop top ($10 from F21, yep I’m all about deals) with these because the last thing you need in the summer is to hide all that’s left after already covering up your assets (I try to live a little outside work). I matched my outfit with these accessories. I’m big on accessories but with these comfy suspenders I just could not bring myself to wear heavy jewelries! But just remember, when in doubt, wear black & gold. It’s not the fanciest combo out there, but they can always dress things up a little. (:

Overall a very happy experience with this purchase, although if you are big on quality, I do not recommend you going to Suzy’s without their usual 40% off entire store sale. (:

Ta ta for now. xx.

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