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Didn’t Think Floral Was You? – Think Again

Hello beauties!

There is a nice small beach near my home and I decided to pay it a visit one last time before the leaves turn brown. If you’re at a beach and not wearing swimwear, you should at least be rocking some floral 🙂

On this subject I have to admit that i used to HATE floral. Never thought it was my thing and it’s just not me. So I spent many summers just watching other girls in beautiful floral and feeling envious. It wasn’t until recent years when I realized that it’s not that I can’t do floral, I just need to find the right ones.


The one type of floral irritates me is the very soft-girly-flowery ones (especially in pink) – It makes my skin appear darker than it is and when I look in the mirror my outfit just screams that I’m trying too hard to be girly. So it’s a given that it’s something I would never spend my $$ on.

On one magical day, I walked into Forever 21 and my friend picked up this $35 dress for me and insisted that I try it on. With lack of confidence I put on the dress, and to my surprise… I… loved it!


The dress consists of bold selection of colors. The bright red flowers as well as its color contrast with the “Tiffany” color, really bring life to the outfit. I have been obsessed with Maxi dresses for the past 2 summers, and I developed a new love for the high-low styles. This dress starts high at mid-thigh and reach as low as lower ankles from the back, it cuts in around the waist area to accentuate the curve. The dress has vibrant colors but it is not a revealing one – I think of it as versatile. Wear it with a pair of slippers and shades then it is a casual beach dress, pair it with heels and jewelries then it is a classy feminine piece for formal celebratory occasions.


So this is my kind of floral dress, what’s yours? Don’t be afraid to experiment with dresses, or just fashion in general.

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