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Just got off work one day and felt like taking some pictures of this $50 outfit 🙂 Affordable fashion is the best kind of fashion. 🙂

Photographer – My dad | Location – Home | Editing – Me (Did not do a good job :-(, the lighting at home was difficult to play with)IMG_2342

The dress and necklace are both picked out from Forever 21, and shoes are from Suzy Shier. The cost of these 3 pieces together is under $50! Of course I got them on very extreme sales, and I just wanted to share the happiness with you guys.


I am no longer 21 years old but that does not stop me from shopping at Forever21, regardless of what my salary is. The sweater provides a general shape to my body, is very comfortable, and most importantly it’s teal! What’s not to love?


This is one of my favorite necklace, it works amazingly on anything dark colored.


Can’t say the shoes are super comfortable, but every pair of shoe/heel require some getting used to. Its cuteness definitely ease the lack of comfort.


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