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New to old

I am strange in a way that I like to leave my new purchases in my closet for a while rather than wearing them right away. The white blazer I’m wearing here is a great example. I actually bought this when I was 21 and now it’s been two years and I’ve worn.


The blazer is from Guess, a place I was once fascinated with when I was a teenager. But after working for Armani Exchange, I no longer felt it was anything special since their styles are alike.

The blazer has a silky smooth surface, very thick and sturdy in touch, and is accessorized with puffy shoulders and a single button – accentuates the curve definitely.


Pay no attention to the Swarovski 🙂  Inside the blazer I’m wearing a $15 dress from a F21, it is sheer from neck to just above the chest area, and consists of vertical stripes of dark blue and white. Did you know wearing clothes with vertical stripes make you look taller/thinner, and horizontal stripes make you look the opposite?


The lovely in my hands is from Kate Spade. The color is sand with a hint of pink. A gorgeous purse, and a special one.

With fancy looks with layering, I always avoid big purses/bags. It just doesn’t look right. 🙂

img_2461 (1)

At this point the mall was closed so I just took some pictures to take advantage of the clear paths.


Take 2!


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