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I developed a liking for fuzzy sweaters, I actually have it in 3 different colors: black, aqua, & baby pink. To go with the black sweater, there are several plausible choices – Blue Jeans, white jeans, or beige. I decided to pull out my white Armani jeans and I almost regretted the decision immediately – they make you look 10 pounds heavier!


I wanted collars to dress up the outfit, but I didn’t want to wear a dress shirt inside because the sweater shouldn’t look any more bloated. So I threw on something like the below 🙂 It is thin with lovely collars.


These shoes were from Aldo bought maybe 3 years back. It was one of my first pairs of ankle boots. It is leather quality, still in style to this day, and very comfortable. (Big fan of shoelaces btw)


This cute little purse is from Kate Spade. It was from a shopping spree in Buffalo. It is very thin and small in size, perfect for a nightout.


I bought them because they look like the Eiffel Tower to me 🙂 Super cute finds from Suzy’s.


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