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Travel Diary – Cuba Beach Series I

Hello lovelies!

After working for an entire year without break, I finally got an opportunity get away during Christmas time. The destination was – Cayacoco, Cuba.


I stayed at the Memories Flaminco Resort, it was such a pleasant experience for the below reasons:

1. The people – Although most of them do not speak fluent English, but they are enthusiastic and very friendly! I felt extremely welcomed at a foreign land.

2. Nights that don’t sleep – I actually got a lot of sleep while I was there, but I remember for the late nights, there is always music and dancing accompanying. They had a 24/7 snack bar, did I mention it was open bar?

3. The scenery – Can’t say Cayococo is the most beautiful place in the world, but it is definitely the best place for vacay I’ve ever been to. (I really haven’t been out much 🙂 )

4. The weather – Caught the winter of Cuba, which is about 26-28 degrees everyday. That was absolutely heaven when mixed with breezes from the ocean.

5. Food – not that the food was amazing, but it’s just that prior to my trip, I had heard many stories about their food being very bland. But from my experience, the A La Carte and Buffets have very well flavored dishes, and every dining table had salt and pepper on it. Hence the food there definitely exceeded expecatations 🙂


Five minutes from my resort, there was a beach. These photos were taken on my first day at Cuba. I was actually quite shy to bust out the bikinis 😛


I got these bikinis from China in 2009, I was impressed with the amazing durability and great style for such good price.

I brought 3 sets of bikinis to the 7 day trip, so you’ll be seeing these again 😉 in my later posts.


Hello! Share your thoughts! (:

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