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Travel Diary – Cuba Beach Series II

Catamaran timeee! I took an excursion while I was in Cayococo, on the Catamaran cruise day trip. It was an amazing experience!1

I had to wake up early on the day of, I rushed myself to the breakfast buffet and quickly munched on some pancakes (yumm). Almost missed my bus because of them x)2

Having caught the winter of Cuba, it was a gorgeous sunny day. After one hour of cruising on the trip, we stopped the boat, and everyone went into water for snorkeling! It was my first time, I panicked, ended up drinking mouthfuls of salt water 😦3

After another hour of bathing in sunlight and cool breeze, we arrived at a small island. There wasn’t much on it, it reminded me of those adventure movies where people get stuck on small islands…except this is in day light hehehe x)4After a whole day of outing, I was SO exhausted by day end. Right after snorkeling I felt nauseous and sick for about an hour. After all that, I needed nothing else but a warm bath and good night of sleep. ❤

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