Month: February 2015

Travel Diary – Cuba Beach Series III

Hi everyone! I am back for more! I feel like I’ll never finish posting my Cuba Series at this rate… I’ll try to be more productive at posting 🙂 Just smiling at the camera 🙂 I got this bikini 5 years ago! From Asia of course, where else would I buy such cute-sy things. When I headed to the beach this day, it was already getting dark (since it was winter at Cuba, it gets dark at like 5pm:( ), so my pictures are are kind of dim. I also remember this was the day I got a lot of mosquito bites.. it isn’t easy trying to look cute… 🙂 My first time in water for years! I was never a good swimmer, and the sea water is so salty! But just like how I am an adaptive person, I got friendly with the water pretty quick 🙂 Just posing under the last bit of sunlight, catching last glimpse of the blue sky…before I get eaten alive by the mosquitoes.. (They always come out when it …

Travel Diary – Cuba Day Series I

Hi lovelies, I am back to continue my Cuba series. These were taken within the Memories resort, amazing setting, no? ❤ Before I came here, I used to see all these amazing scenery online or in other peoples’ photos. This time I got to see it myself, it was unreal! See the little turf behind me? That was actually the bar, it was a party late every night with open bar, lively music and lots of dancing 🙂