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Pool Before Sunset

Hello world!

I’m back to share some pool photos! These are within the Flaminco Resort.

So I was looking around and all like “Hmm, I guess I should take off the shirt now, but I’m feeling kind of shy…”


“OK I took it off, time to relax! Let me look cute in my little hat and say hi to the camera”


“OK let me try a different angle, so all the nice scenery can be included!”


“Let’s take a walk around the pool, smell the nature and take pictures with some pom trees <3” (Anyone like my platforms? Colorful and comfortable, was from Ardene’s! )


“I really have no idea why my hands are on my tummy, probably will look weird…” (And it does! But I really liked the lighting here)


“One more!”


“Where’s my bag! It should be in my pictures!” (Something funny must have happened here 🙂 )


“I totally just got some mosquito bites…probably the worst part about the trip 😦 ”


“Oh well, let me enjoy the last bit of shine and warmth before the sun sets.”



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