Month: April 2015

My Spring Coat

Hello beautifuls! Spring has arrived! Temperature is rising, trees are blooming and birds are singing! But – it’s still not summer, so you still need a coat! To be honest, I had to really make up my mind getting this jacket – it is $80 from H&M. You may know already that I love H&M, their stuff matched correctly look amazing, but I was still hesitant with the price. HOWEVER – after I started wearing it – I grew to love it more and more! I can’t express why exactly I like it, because logically 1. It doesn’t accentuate my figure, 2. The color gets dirty easily and 3. It’s really not that warm x) But hey, a girl doesn’t always need a reason to buy something – as long as she FEELS fabulous.

EOS Balm Collection

Hello lovelies! I’m going to express some love for my favorite lip balms of all time – My EOS collection! I’ve always disliked the fact that my lips are always dry despite the season, especially after putting on lip tint or lipstick. And I’ve spent about 20 years not worrying about my lips at all. It was only until a friend of mine pointed out saying that my lips are always chapped and it’s unattractive for a woman! Since then I’ve been using lip balms and moisturizing lip products. I’ve tried many brands from the local drug store, and I concluded that the EOS egg lip balms are the best for me – Below are the reasons: 1. The looks – they are in eggs form and look adorable! The balm itself is also in ball form rather than your typical stick form, hence it has great coverage! It isn’t a lipstick, so I don’t need precision, I find it very efficient! 2. It works! – they work absolutely amazing. Once it’s applied, it leaves my lips with a very smooth texture …

Shades of Grey

Recently years the trend of vibrant colors for clothes, bags and shoes has been around and everywhere! We’ve been trying to deviate away from the neutral “boring” colors that were once prevailing. But here I want to show some love for one of my favorite colors – grey. ❤ Grey is a simple color, yet you’d stand out from the crowd given the right combination. Take a look at the images below – if you see someone in these outfits, wouldn’t you notice them right away? And given how simple it is, it just screams benefits of minimalism. What’s powerful about this color, is that you can layer, mix and match different shades of grey, and rock it hard – Give it a try! It may not sound applicable but you’d be amazed at the result! And of course, it goes exceptionally well with black and white.

About Me

Why hello there (: I haven’t yet introduced myself, so I wanted to say… Thanks for stopping by! That First Hello has been my creation since late 2014, a special little space I dedicate to my love for fashion, style and anything beautiful. I am by no means a guru in fashion, I am simply an enthusiast and agree with Blair Waldorf that fashion is a powerful art – it’s movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be. I love sunshine, green tea, designer bags and bookstores. But what I love most, is meeting people, going places, and be inspired. So, will you say that first hello? (: Love, Val ❤

Cute Or Legit?

My lovely followers! This is an outfit I find super cute! You must have all seen the look where dress shirts are worn under a sweater, except it is most commonly found among men’s fashion, as a casual look for work, etc. It is totally underrated for women! Three things I like about the outfit: Color combination – light blue works great with black! Sweater – It is a big sweater! I am a sucker for those; and not to mention the big heart on the sweater, it is super Asian, but I love it. The shoes – although it looks simple, but it screams adorable to me! It’s very round all over, very loose/roomy around the ankle (which gives an illusion of thinner calves), and has built in platforms – what’s not to love?

Have you met Ted?

A couple weekends ago, I was shopping at Toronto Premium Outlet, and I found myself a new love – a brand that I absolutely adore – Ted Baker! Their style quickly reminded me of Kate Spade, but there is something about it that isn’t quite the same, and makes it more appealing to me.   I did score some lovelies while at the outlet store! Although if you haven’t really seen Ted Baker products, I’d highly recommend visiting their actual stores, they are gorgeous! I will do a separate post on Ted Baker at Toronto Eatons Centre, and show you what they are all about and why I’m so in love. This is what they call a Shopper Bag – Not your average handbags eh? Its retail price is about $50-$70, I got it on sale for $30! Girls, what are you waiting for?! It’s does not have any zipper/button and definitely can’t replace any of my purses, but It is so adorable I just want to carry it places! I currently use it to carry my lunches to …

H&M – Stripe & Leather

Hi beautifuls! I present you with a outfit purchased form H&M! Stripey chiffon blouse | $25 Leather pants | $40 Black and white doesn’t get old for me – there are just so many things you can do with these neutral shades! To start with the top – Always have been a fan of chiffon material blouses, but this one is different! I have worn it inside blazers for work & professional settings, and I wear it casually and pull off a chic look, as in these images! Versatility is always what gets me. Now as for the pants – these aren’t expensive, and for the reason that it doesn’t have buttons or zippers and is more like leather leggings, but the material is quite thick and well made, so I’d still think of it as pants.

Canada Goose

Toronto’s winter is incredibly cold – often times it requires us ladies to sacrifice style and dress in lots of layers in exchange for comfort and warmth. But it doesn’t have to be like that! I personally am a fan of good quality coats/jackets, and it certainly helps me survive in freezing weather in style! Canada Goose was THE trend 3-4 years back, no matter where you go, you would spot people wearing a Goose bomber. I was no exception, but I did choose a less popular style – The Victoria.

Final Chapter – Memorable Little Hut

Hi beautifuls! This is going to be the last post from Cuba series…finally! These are taken at the beach near the resort. It’s funny, the first couple times I went there I never noticed this cute little hut! But good thing I paid attention to it during my last visit because I find it so artistic! And I thought below shots did it justice! The dress I’m wearing is from H&M! It was about $30 dollars. It was one of those purchases with zero hesitations. It is cotton material and is extremely comfortable to wear. It has a high point split just little below the thigh, which I thought made this seemingly conservative dress a little more interesting. What matches a casual summer maxi at the beach better than a straw hat? 🙂 Love, Val ❤

Counting Down

Counting down to my second last post of Cuba series! This was the last day I spent in Cayococo before heading back home. I decided to spend chunk of my last day around the resort and catch glimpse of beautiful corners that I might have missed. Here I am wearing yellow and white, isn’t it a great summery combination? 🙂 The skirt was $50 from Dynamite, not cheap, not too pricey, but it is well worth it because of the great quality and the comfort it brings me. I don’t travel often, so this was a precious experience to me. I loved the gentle breeze, the warm sunlight, and the night sky full of stars.