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Flower Princess

Back with a similar post! This was a dinner shoot! As I mentioned in previous posts, at the Cuba resort we had choices of 3 A la Carte restaurants, this is the second one!

Here’s me at the restaurant! I was really hungry and couldn’t wait for the food!


I am so terrible, I don’t seem to remember what type of food this was…=D but I think this is pork! I was starving and was ready to dig in.


OK, food was great, let’s stroll around the lobby. This is the front of the lobby, very decorative and festive, no?


This is the one of the lobby entrant/exit, I really liked the way it was designed, everything was not only symmetrical, also reminded me of many Asian landmarks.


This is one of my most favorite summer dress – it is from Guess, was on sale for about $60. Not only is it one of my favorite colors, it is also extremely comfortable to wear due to how lightweight it is. The bottom flare has very many layers, and corners vary in length, it is very unique! You should see me spin in it! 🙂


Smile! This is one of the hallways that connect to the lobby, I really loved the fact that the frames here are made of wood. It looks both elegant and classic. I even have a secret love for wooden furniture. When I move to my new home, I definitely will purchase decorations made of wood.


In Chinese, this look is called “回眸一笑”, haha, the full saying is “回眸一笑百媚生”. What do you think?


Love, Val ❤


  1. omgsh!!! love your dress!! was totally going to ask if it was from Guess ’cause I saw it on sale at Winners the other day and almost bought it 😀 then I read your post and confirmed 😀 hehehe


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