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Break At Pillar

While in Cuba, I went on a couple excursions. One of them was “Break at Pillar”. Pillar beach is supposedly the most beautiful beach in Cuba, and I was glad I was close to it.

Right away, I could tell this beach was different from the local ones near resort, the sand is gold, wind is stronger and the water has amazing waves.

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As part of the excursion, lunch was served. It was chicken and lobster! My god it was so good!!

Early afternoon – time to show off the bikinis! I finally see myself in those perfect looking scenery frames online. The place was so pretty!

5 6

Oh hello thar!


The bikinis are from Bikini Village. Unfortunately I missed all the good sales prior to Cuba trip, these were purchased for about $100.

8 9

Along with the bikinis, I also bought a sarong to match with them. I love sarongs! They are so flexible and you can practically wear them however you want, a scarf, a dress, a top, or a skirt! Definitely to my heart’s content.



Ahhh, at last, let me rest on a beach chair and reflect on my beautiful trip… or take a nap.


Love, Val ❤


  1. looking super fab in these posts valval!! loving your bikini pics here ❤ youre making me feel bad for not hitting the gym more LOL


  2. Dulcie says

    I love the colour scheme you chose for the outfits/hat! Great designs.


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