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Canada Goose

Toronto’s winter is incredibly cold – often times it requires us ladies to sacrifice style and dress in lots of layers in exchange for comfort and warmth. But it doesn’t have to be like that! I personally am a fan of good quality coats/jackets, and it certainly helps me survive in freezing weather in style!


Canada Goose was THE trend 3-4 years back, no matter where you go, you would spot people wearing a Goose bomber. I was no exception, but I did choose a less popular style – The Victoria.

Here’s a picture of the jacket – Basically it is longer than the bomber, since I preferred something warm. Also it pinches in at the waist, giving it a shape despite the thickness of down fur.


When this was purchased, it was about $600 CAD before tax. Not sure about the prices recent years though since the brand’s prices are heavily inflated. If you ask me if it’s worth it, I would say it is, if you want to buy a durable jacket that last you a long time. Although the color white may not be the best choice for a reason you can already guess – it gets dirty easily and is hard to maintain since it can only be dry cleaned. (I have a thing for white jackets!)


This has been my go-to winter jacket for the past three years. But just this year I bought myself a lovely Rudsak ❤ It is also an amazing jacket, will show you guys shortly!

Love, Val ❤

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