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H&M – Stripe & Leather

Hi beautifuls! I present you with a outfit purchased form H&M!

  1. Stripey chiffon blouse | $25
  2. Leather pants | $40


Black and white doesn’t get old for me – there are just so many things you can do with these neutral shades! To start with the top – Always have been a fan of chiffon material blouses, but this one is different! I have worn it inside blazers for work & professional settings, and I wear it casually and pull off a chic look, as in these images! Versatility is always what gets me.

Now as for the pants – these aren’t expensive, and for the reason that it doesn’t have buttons or zippers and is more like leather leggings, but the material is quite thick and well made, so I’d still think of it as pants.


This isn’t the most glamorous outfit or anything, but the combination just came natural for me! And I wanted to share this affordable $60 outfit from H&M with you guys – the moment I owned both pieces I knew they belonged together hehe ❤


P.S. My bag is from Juicy Couture, and watch is from Marc Jacobs – but I’ll blog about them separately because every piece has its own story behind it.


Love, Val ❤


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