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Cute Or Legit?

My lovely followers! This is an outfit I find super cute! You must have all seen the look where dress shirts are worn under a sweater, except it is most commonly found among men’s fashion, as a casual look for work, etc. It is totally underrated for women!


Three things I like about the outfit:

  1. Color combination – light blue works great with black!
  2. Sweater – It is a big sweater! I am a sucker for those; and not to mention the big heart on the sweater, it is super Asian, but I love it.
  3. The shoes – although it looks simple, but it screams adorable to me! It’s very round all over, very loose/roomy around the ankle (which gives an illusion of thinner calves), and has built in platforms – what’s not to love?


I threw up a cap to turn down the cuteness and turn up the rebel 😉 that was simple!


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Love, Val ❤


  1. henryfanhichew says

    Great shots! You look cute in them.
    Good sense of style and well written post!


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