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EOS Balm Collection

Hello lovelies! I’m going to express some love for my favorite lip balms of all time – My EOS collection!

I’ve always disliked the fact that my lips are always dry despite the season, especially after putting on lip tint or lipstick. And I’ve spent about 20 years not worrying about my lips at all. It was only until a friend of mine pointed out saying that my lips are always chapped and it’s unattractive for a woman!

Since then I’ve been using lip balms and moisturizing lip products. I’ve tried many brands from the local drug store, and I concluded that the EOS egg lip balms are the best for me – Below are the reasons:

1. The looks – they are in eggs form and look adorable! The balm itself is also in ball form rather than your typical stick form, hence it has great coverage! It isn’t a lipstick, so I don’t need precision, I find it very efficient!


2. It works! – they work absolutely amazing. Once it’s applied, it leaves my lips with a very smooth texture and extremely moisturized, also lasting a decently long time (2-3 hours).


3. The taste! – It smells great and it tastes sweet! Did you know every women eat about 7 pounds of lipstick on average in their life span? We obviously don’t want to, but it happens! So why not have it sweet when you accidentally taste it? 🙂


4. The design – this isn’t just looks! The usability is great, I love the fact that it has a little dent for our thumbs while we apply it. Also, when its’s carried it in our purses, there are never struggles finding it since it isn’t small/slim like a lipstick!


Baby pink anyone? 🙂


Baby blue anyone? 🙂


Try it if you haven’t, ladies! Say good-bye to chapped lips.

Love, Val ❤



  1. My friend’s got a couple of them and they smell amazingly!! They look so cute as well 🙂 got to try them soon xx


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