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Flower That Never Dies

Flowers that never die? Sounds plenty incredible and a little crazy. This is a gift from a friend who got it in France, and it actually doesn’t die. It isn’t magical or anything, it’s named “preserved flowers”. 🙂



Preserved flowers were invented by Vermont Co. located in France in 1991. Since then, this growing industry has dramatically expanded, spreading worldwide to countries throughout Europe and Asia.



Once the flowers start to bloom, they are picked and immersed in a non-toxic, drying compound that draws out the moisture and then dyed with various colors. This unique preservation process gives flowers long-lasting, sustainable life.


Isn’t this just amazing? What do you think lovelies?

Love, Val ❤


  1. dailycitylife says

    Thank you for following my blog! I never knew flowers like this existed. It’s super pretty, and so is your blog!

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