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Supergirl & Her Suspenders

Hey everyone! I’m back with two personal favorites – Suspenders and Superman. Superman’s been my favorite superhero since I was a little girl, I just couldn’t pass on this Tee when I spotted it at H&M! It was about $15. It is cotton and very light, perfect for days with big sun!

The suspenders shorts with leather straps were $50 from Guess. I rarely shop at Guess any more, but I must admit they have some pretty unique chic stuff. Aside from the leather straps, I also loved the color fade on the shorts! It is quite hard to have fades on dark colored jeans without it looking cheap, but Guess pulled it off well with this design!

I threw on a fedora hat to dress up the outfit, although there are many types of hats that would work with suspenders, such as caps or trucker hats if you are going for a naughty look.


I certainly did not think any earrings would work with this outfit, so I decided to stay away from anything dangly or shiny. Instead, I wore this silver leaf that rest on my cartilage.

On a side note I absolutely loved this graffiti wall! Will definitely come back for more shots in the future.

So, there is actually a part II to this post! I took a lot of pictures and didn’t want a single post to look too busy. Below is a sneak peak. 🙂


Thanks for reading lovelies! Stay tuned for Part II.



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