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Weekn’d Morning Routine

When I have a good morning, I always feel like I have a great day ahead. It’s important to start a day well. Weekday mornings are rushed because I need to get to work, but on the weekends – it’s time to slow down and have a relaxing time ❤

I try to get abundance of sleep on weekends, us girls really need it, it’s like food for our bodies! I usually wake up at around 10 AM. After basic cleansing, I would treat my skin 🙂


I know many people like to do facial masks at night time, but I prefer weekend mornings because I don’t do this daily, it is extra refreshing and I can really take my time ^^ Ever since I was in my teens, my mother used to buy me cosmetics and skincare products so I never had to. Like all Asian moms, she favors American or French products such as Lancome & Estee Lauder. So growing up I never had the habit of buying skincare products, until recent years when I developed liking for Asian products and I am a total sucker for their packaging. Not only do they work great, they also look adorable 🙂



These apple flavored masks specialize in moisturizing and shrinking pores to have fine skin. After leaving it on for 30-40 minutes, my skin feels very refreshed. Post cleaning/drying, my face feels like a baby’s!


While I leave facial on, I like to have moisturized lips (I tend to have very dry lips with uneven colors), with some color! This balm was a gift from a dear friend, Clinique’s chubby stick series work amazing! You have to try it! ❤


As I mentioned I usually leave the mask on for 30-40 minutes, so before it’s time for brunch, I sip on some good tea while reading some of my favorite blogs 🙂


I’m not a coffee drinker, mostly because caffeine doesn’t affect me at all. So I always turn to a healthier and tastier (in my opinion) alternative – tea.

It’s a simple routine, but extremely relaxing. It really lets me recover from my hellish work week.

What’s your morning routines like? 🙂



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