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Supergirl & Her Suspenders Pt.II

Hi everyone, just yesterday I posted Part I of this post, Supergirl & Her Suspenders. This is a continuation of the post and I’ll focus more on the accessories.


I bought the hat at Armani Exchange, when I still worked there. Their stuff in general is quite similar to Guess – which means it’s hit or miss for me. I did get employee discount for the hat 🙂 It was originally about $50.

I must say it was love at first sight with the shoes, isn’t it just amazing?! This was $45 dollars from an Asian boutique. It isn’t as heavy as it looks, in fact it is quite light and I love that I can run in them! 😛 The sell point was definitely the platform section – horizontal yellow stripes? sign me up!

I also adored the shoelace, it is almost 2cm wide, and hence works PERFECTLY with the whole chunky look.

By the end of the shoot I needed to relax a bit and enjoy the amazing weather! Let it all go 🙂


Yes this shirt is potentially a boyfriend Tee, it’s really long! 🙂

Thanks for viewing lovelies, hope you enjoyed this.



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