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Dress Over Pants?

Have difficulty embracing the Dress Over Pants trend? You definitely aren’t alone. It just isn’t what dresses are for! I decided to give it a chance because you’ll never know some things until you try.

I don’t have a lot of long loose tops, but I managed to pair my ripped white jeans with this casual collared dress from H&M. This was an easy match also because light blue + white color combination is admittedly pleasant to the eyes.

I wasn’t feeling adventurous with the shoes so I went with a safe selection – my trusty nude sandals. I agree some black strap heels would have worked as well but I wanted the focus to be on the outfit rather than attention grabbing heels.


Isn’t this a beautiful little purse? This is one of Kate Spade’s Lemon design series. I love it not only because of the unique design, but also the white/dark blue/tan color theme which I personally think work amazing together.

In terms of the accessories, I consistently teamed with gold – necklace was gold, and there were hints of gold in my earrings, bangles as well as my lovely Chanel shades.

If you are looking for more styling examples of the trend, you can check it out here!

Thanks for reading lovelies! So, how do you feel about this trend?



  1. ohhh yess!!! absolutely LOVE this outfit. You look so chic! both of my favorite spring trends combined into one, lol. I need a pair of distressed white denim asapppp;)

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  2. Chelley says

    I’ve always loved the dress/pants combination. It just has to be the right combination. This is very nice! Makes me want to raid my closet and create a look.

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  3. vanessa21vl01 says

    Love the combination. It only works with some type of dresses, but it definitely works with this one! Your photos are on point. ❤️❤️

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  4. You are one of the people who has carried of the look really well! 🙂
    A very safe choice and matches well made! 🙂


  5. Aoko Owiro says

    I love this

    I have never been a dress over pants person too but I am so willing to try this.

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  6. Wow so chic! Love the pale blue with white. I pictured in my mind what it would be like to have the black heels, and I like the nude heels better. Good choice!😃😃


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