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I’ve never been a girly girl, I even had my tom boy phase in my teens. But growing up I’ve learned to embrace both masculine and feminine styles.

Here I’m wearing a dress from F21, which could very well be worn as a top. I loved how simple it looked yet it still grabbed my attention.

Although the top is cute, it’s still a bit plain, so I dressed it up by throwing up my good old fedora.

Now, the shoes – I got these from Beyond The Rack a couple years back. They are super comfortable and adds a touch of edginess to my outfit. Since the get up is simple and relatively modest, the spikes really spice up the look and make it interesting.


I knew fancy accessories won’t do with the outfit, so I  put on some hoop earrings, and a simple bracelet. For my purse, I went with a safe choice of brown faux leather. The color simply goes with everything, and works exceptionally well with outfits consisted of neutral colors.

This was a really nice day with big sun! I swear I got tanned just by standing outside for this shoot!


Thanks for reading! Hope you liked this post and tell me what you think of the look!



  1. Hey there ! I guess you’re not surprised if I say that I love this outfit! Really cool and laid-back but also feminine =) Bisous from Paris


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