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Colors of Spring

Weather in Toronto has been switching between summer and spring for the month of May. It has been raining a lot in the past weeks, so it’s safe to say that it’s still spring 🙂

Some people call Spring the awkward in between season, because you can’t fully say goodbye to your sweaters, but you can’t bust out your summer wardrobe either. So I decided to put together an outfit that accommodates this weather.


Top – From an Asian boutique, it’s wool & cotton material, which keeps me warm from occasional chilly breeze, but at the same time it’s light in color and also sleeveless, making it a piece more suited for warmer seasons. I love the ruffles around the neckline, dressing up the top!

Skirt – I avoided summer skirts made of silk or light cotton material, and wore a faux leather skirt which adds an element of weight to the outfit, making it more appropriate for this in between season.

Stockings – As an attempt to stay warm, I wore black stockings with about medium level of sheerness.

Shoes – My favorite shoes at the moment! They are from Aldo – suede material and stops just a little below the ankles. I absolutely love the chunky heels, which make the shoes effortless to walk in.


Necklace – As my outfit is mostly black and white, I wore a necklace that matched the theme. Isn’t it just the cutest necklace? I find owls especially adorable.

Purse – I wanted to add a touch of color to my outfit, so I threw on my pink Michael Kors purse, which instantly brightened the look.

Do you see the blooming trees, flowers, and stray petals on the ground? They are Colors of Spring 🙂



  1. kiara1208 says

    Love the bag………. Please check out my blog and please follow if you like my posts.


  2. I love the white knitted top! Great for the in between spring weather. I also love the pop of colour the bag gives the outfit!


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