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Hints of Gold – Part II

Hello beautifuls! As I mentioned in my previous post Hints of Gold Part I, this is the Part II of the look! I separated one shoot into two posts because of big difference in scenery and felt that both were deserving of their own post!

This is taken at the park nearby my house, I’m grateful to have this piece of paradise close by. It has a small scaled beach, and is very popular during the summer time! Not to mention whenever it’s holidays, this becomes a scene for the dazzling fireworks.

12 13  15

I believe in fairy tales and all things magical 🙂 I remember a couple years back I came here to this very beach to watch shooting stars and make wishes. Although it was summer time but still freezing cold since it’s near the water and the stars were timed to appear around 1-2 a.m. I’d say it was a good use of time because I did something I’ve always wanted to do. I caught maybe 2-3 stars, and made wishes while not worrying about whether they’ll come true. I must say it was quite challenging because the stars shoot fast! if you blink you just might miss one! The unfortunate thing was that I DID catch a cold and was sick for the whole week after that. Haha.




Another reasons I love the place is because walking alongside the water really calms me down. I work in an industry where life can get busy and stressful, so I consider this place an escape, a place for me to watch the calm waves and embrace the breezes.

Hope you enjoyed reading this! Thanks lovelies.



  1. Hey there. Thank you so much for your comment 🙂 I really like this outfit of you especially the dress and the purse. You’re so lucky to live near such a calm and beautiful place. I would love to live near the ocean..


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