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Marc by Marc Jacobs

Hello beautifuls! This post is dedicated to my love for watches! I love all things both stylish and functional, so watches definitely belong in this category. I own two MJ watches and I’ll show them off today! Since I never bothered to look up their official names, I named them myself 🙂

  1. Mod Chic Brown
  2. Pretty In Pink


Both these watches were bought from Watch Station. The store hold watches from many brands such as MJ, Armani, Fossil, MK, DKNY, etc. The best part about the shops is these amazing sales they host! Both of the watches you see here were priced under $70 each! The quality on the other hand are not exactly top notch, but I’m certainly not complaining since you get what you pay for!

I bought these at two separate visits of the shop. I’ve always loved brown leather strap w/ clean watch face combo, so when I saw Mod Chic Brown I did not even blink before pulling out my wallet. 🙂

And Pretty In Pink? Which girl could resist? I thought it was a fabulous find for the summer time, and the watch face in the form of a bunny is just so fun and playful! ❤ To me it is certainly more of a wristband accessory than a watch!


My overall impression of watches from Marc by Marc Jacobs is that they don’t have ridiculous prices, and have great styles. But if you’re really into quality, then you should probably go for higher end lines.

Hope you liked these watches lovelies! I think I’ll do more accessory post in the future so please stay tuned 🙂



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