Symmetric Allures

So… I found this lovely garment at H&M on sale, my god it was such a steal!❤ As much as I love trendy items and looks, I absolutely adore unique pieces that aren’t commonly found on the streets. You’ve see long body-con dresses, but the fact that this one is loosely fitted actually makes all the difference.

8910 I did not over engineer my accessories with this one, just because I felt that the dress should get all the attention it deserves. I threw in the color brown for bracelet and bag since it nicely compliments the ensemble. I stuck with my golden strap sandals for this look because I just can’t get enough of them!🙂

Rather than calling this a cotton maxi, it’s really more of an..ultra long shirt :-) Although it’s dark colored, it is thin, light and absorptive in material. So it’s fitting for those hot windy summer days!   5

On a side note I actually really enjoyed taking the shoot at this place! It’s behind a local high school, so it’s completely empty over the weekends!🙂 7

Hope you liked the look lovelies! Later days🙂


60 thoughts on “Symmetric Allures”

  1. That’s really cute. I actually saw that on the H&m website last night and was just thinking how I wouldn’t know how to style that. You wore it so well!

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  2. Hi! This is Monica Ibarra from 2 Fashion Science, first of all thank you so much for reading our blog, hope you like it and found lots of inspiration on the fashion section.
    I really loved all of your outfits, now you’re one of the girls that I’ll be checking out for some examples of the trends I’ll be talking to.


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