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Quote Of The Month

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.

I LOVE quotes, it’s like someone summarized their experiences and lessons learned (most of the time – life lessons), and squeezed all that wisdom into a single sentence! How awesome! Nothing I like more than condensed wisdom.  I especially love life hacks quotes, they are helpful and just oh-so-inspiring.

I pick a quote every month to be displayed on my site’s sidebar. This quote above was my selected quote of the month for July. To me this quote is basically saying: have goals, and work to fulfill them.

Ambition you may not have, but you should definitely have goals, it’s what motivate us to achieve and it brings purpose to our lives! 🙂 Of course, just setting goals isn’t enough, you’ll have to put in the time or they’ll never be met.

Possibilities are always in your hands, don’t doubt yourself, you can make anything happen 🙂



  1. dauntlessdream says

    I love quotes too! 🙂 I actually have a little notebook filled with quotes and it’s such a good motivation for me!


  2. Hi, I love quotes too, i think their are so many amazing ones out there. My personal fave is Ed Sheeran – everything is ok in the end . if its not ok then its not the end. i was wondering whether you would possibly follow me as we both used to follow each other until i had to shut down my blog due to internet difficulties. unfortunate i had to lose all of my followers and I’m now trying to regain what i lost. i would really appreciative it if you could help me with that xx http://www.blossombeautyxoxo.wordpress.com


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