Vivre Montréal

As part of being Asian, I’ve visited many places with my family as tourists who do touristy things, such as:

  1. Wake up early so we have a whole day ahead of us to cover all those places mentioned on the internet
  2. Endless amount of photo taking only to look the same in every photo
  3. Everything is on schedule with lack of spontaneity
  4. Due to #1, we always sleep early, because we’re just way too cool for night life
  5. No souvenirs! Cuz you know, they are overpriced and are Made In China anyways

It’s good to be organized while on vacation, but rules take the fun out of it! I’ve been to Montreal several times, but this time, I headed over to experience something else:-)






What didn’t disappoint was definitely the fact that I could make my own schedule – visited places include landmarks (I tried Uber!), bars, downtown streets, steakhouse, icecream store and arcade! There are also so many cool places to take pictures at!

Having heard a lot about people always looking fancy dandy over here in Montreal, I certainly wanted to impress, not under-dress (rhymed!) even if I was just going for a walk in the park.


11 (1)



Below are my affordable Outfit details & shop links (or similar)

  • Crucia Hat – Aldo
  • Lace OTS Crop Top – Garage
  • Black Shorts – H&M
  • Shoes – Zooshoo
  • Bag – Primark
  • Bracelet – Tiffany’s white ribbon (can’t rmb where the pearl bracelet is from)

Hope you liked the outfit!:-) Here’s my Instagram!


60 thoughts on “Vivre Montréal”

  1. Looks great! Why don’t you try the exact same look with a stripe black and white sleeveless (or not sleeveless) t shirt, tucked inside the pants? It could look cute also:)


  2. Looks like you had an amazing time! I love how your bag adds a pop of color to the outfit, and the perals are such a classy touch.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey your outfit is so nice, so chic!
    I couldn’t agree with you more! It’s always better to dress to impress when in new fancy places hohoho
    Thanks for checking out my blog btw ^_^

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