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Sport Chic (Montréal)

I was pretty tomboy growing up. I’ve never had hair past my shoulders, and only wore sneakers and shorts pretty much until my senior high school years.  It’s not that I thought long wavy hair, lipsticks and pink teddy bears were weird – they just weren’t me. If we fast forward some time, though my style now is different, it’s not the opposite. It is generally feminine, but my tomboy years certainly left some trace as I’m a bit of a rocker girl, and am also into cute sporty looks.




My top may look like a sweater but I’d consider it a shirt because it’s actually so thin! This was about $13 from H&M, what a steal! 🙂 I was instantly drawn by the sporty feel combined with the eye catching blue.

You can already tell that it isn’t a crop top, but a tied up knot secured by my hair band. But as I mentioned in previous posts, I like to  wear pieces in different ways, depending on how I feel that day, and on this day, I thought making this a crop top would just be so cute 🙂



I wanted to enhance the feminine feel to my look, by adding accessories. I recently found these lovely earrings, although feminine, it is big, dangly and bold, which is why it work perfectly with my look while still working the girly magic.

As part of the attempt, I actually also wore a gold slave bracelet, I didn’t have any close-up for it, so I’ll be sure to show them off in future posts 🙂




At this point I actually changed into slippers, it was too hot of a day to lug around my black platforms! Haha


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  1. henryfanhichew says

    Great Scenery, Great Outfit, Awesome Photos and Once again great post! Oh Val, how do you manage to do this every single time! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Brandi says

    Love this look! You blend your tomboy roots and feminine style seamlessly. Your accessories and shoes are super cute- actually, the whole outfit is super cute. Great pictures and location as well! I will definitely be checking out more of your posts 🙂


  3. Very cute look that balances feminine and masculine well. But I agree about the boots – some espadrilles would be nice.


  4. Anonymous says

    Love everything about this; comfy and casual, while still pulling out a feminine vibe! You’re killin’ it! 👍🏼👍🏼


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