Month: September 2015

Styling Adidas (Pt. I)

Adidas has always been awesome with its legendary classics. But starting a few years ago, they’ve been getting even better. A shift in style that coincided with the 2010 hiring of creative director Dirk Schönberger has made them one of the most popular brands in the world. I too, have been preaching Adidas sneakers, which will soon present themselves on my blog. But for now, I wanted to show you guys the Adidas original printed tee that I got my hands on 🙂 It’s indeed a sports brand, but that doesn’t mean its product can’t be a fashion accessory. I’ve always really liked the Adidas logo design, may it be Original or Performance. I’ve captured another look with the same Adidas tee. For such a versatile piece, I must wear it to my heart’s content. Please stay tuned for Styling Adidas Part II 🙂

Coffee Tee & Sneaks

Black, grey, white, the essential shades in I need in my closet.  It’s the case especially for those who are into minimalism. I know it lacks vibrant touches, and may look a little dull, but a look that consists of these shades (nicely matched ones of course) is most definitely a head turner – that’s where the power of simplicity lies. This look perfectly describes I feel these days – casual,  calm, low-key, and with baggage full of thoughts. I thought this was a cute look mostly because of the coffee tee, although I actually don’t drink coffee because it does absolutely nothing for me! I always thought it’s important to have color elements in an outfit correspond to each other. An example is that I’m wearing a grey tee with white font, matched with a white skirt (the grey sneakers with white laces were just a bonus to the outfit, but not necessary). IF the font on my tee is black, then I most definitely would have worn a black bottom to go with it. Here’s more… I …

OOTD: Too Sunny

This was one of those hot days I actually wished I didn’t step out the door.  The sun was in my eyes, I couldn’t not look at the camera for more than 2 seconds, and if you thought the hat helped…it didnt…I was also wearing these ombre hair extensions, but since they aren’t long enough, they just ended up looking like highlights, not to mention they add to the heat too, ughh. …Alright, that’s probably enough complaining in one post… 🙂 Now, some positivity! I’ve always wanted to try a dress that’s a T-shirt in disguise, like this one! It has a slit on the side, so there are many ways I could style for the bottom, such as a long  pencil skirt, a pair of shorts, or some long skinnys with heels. I decided to go with shorts because as I mentioned in my rant above, it was one hell of a hot day. The coolest part of this is that it’s actually a high-low tee! Thought it was pretty cute and found the concept …

Off The Shoulder

OK, everyone must know how much I adore suspenders by now – denim, long, short, leather straps, love’em all! (but maybe no clip-ons for me). This is a new one I purchased from Guess a while ago, I convinced myself that this was a must have because I don’t own suspenders in white… 🙂 Originally suspenders were worn because they were functional – fabric or leather straps worn over the shoulders to hold up pants. But gradually they were being worn for looks and have been diligently shifting in and out of fashion. I remember seeing old pictures of my mom wearing suspenders before my time, and me thinking that although cute, they were just WAY too yesterday and old fashioned. And look at me now… who could predict? 🙂 the runways possibly… In my previous looks I consistently wore Tees with my suspenders, this time I decided to change that up by going from preppy to flirty 😉 The other highlight has got to be the Zooshoo heels, I love how lengthy they make my legs look alongside the comfort and ease to walk in! 🙂