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Off The Shoulder

OK, everyone must know how much I adore suspenders by now – denim, long, short, leather straps, love’em all! (but maybe no clip-ons for me). This is a new one I purchased from Guess a while ago, I convinced myself that this was a must have because I don’t own suspenders in white… 🙂2

Originally suspenders were worn because they were functional – fabric or leather straps worn over the shoulders to hold up pants. But gradually they were being worn for looks and have been diligently shifting in and out of fashion. I remember seeing old pictures of my mom wearing suspenders before my time, and me thinking that although cute, they were just WAY too yesterday and old fashioned.

And look at me now… who could predict? 🙂 the runways possibly…






In my previous looks I consistently wore Tees with my suspenders, this time I decided to change that up by going from preppy to flirty 😉

The other highlight has got to be the Zooshoo heels, I love how lengthy they make my legs look alongside the comfort and ease to walk in! 🙂

Hope you liked the oufit! Much ❤ Check out my Instagram!



  1. You look amazing! I love how you put everything together! The white-grey-black combo is just perfect, honestly. And I definitely agree that the shoes are the highlight of the outfit, plus the chunky heel – love it:)

    Also, thank you so much for stopping by my blog! xx

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  2. Leonora says

    You are a pretty lady with a nice outfit!
    Greetings from MissGrey Romania –


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