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OOTD: Too Sunny

This was one of those hot days I actually wished I didn’t step out the door.  The sun was in my eyes, I couldn’t not look at the camera for more than 2 seconds, and if you thought the hat helped…it didnt…I was also wearing these ombre hair extensions, but since they aren’t long enough, they just ended up looking like highlights, not to mention they add to the heat too, ughh.

…Alright, that’s probably enough complaining in one post… 🙂 Now, some positivity!



I’ve always wanted to try a dress that’s a T-shirt in disguise, like this one! It has a slit on the side, so there are many ways I could style for the bottom, such as a long  pencil skirt, a pair of shorts, or some long skinnys with heels. I decided to go with shorts because as I mentioned in my rant above, it was one hell of a hot day.

The coolest part of this is that it’s actually a high-low tee! Thought it was pretty cute and found the concept almost kind of humorous.



As promised, I’m wearing the cute winged backpack again! One thing I realized about myself is that there’s always an element of cuteness in every outfit, but I don’t do it on purpose! I just do what I feel like and sometimes even my attempts to look “sexy” ends up being called cute by my viewers…I’m going to have to look into the sources of these cute vibes to have a better handle on my looks and wardrobe 🙂




Here’s more shots…and a better view of my “highlights” 🙂

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