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Coffee Tee & Sneaks

Black, grey, white, the essential shades in I need in my closet.  It’s the case especially for those who are into minimalism. I know it lacks vibrant touches, and may look a little dull, but a look that consists of these shades (nicely matched ones of course) is most definitely a head turner – that’s where the power of simplicity lies.

This look perfectly describes I feel these days – casual,  calm, low-key, and with baggage full of thoughts. I thought this was a cute look mostly because of the coffee tee, although I actually don’t drink coffee because it does absolutely nothing for me!






I always thought it’s important to have color elements in an outfit correspond to each other. An example is that I’m wearing a grey tee with white font, matched with a white skirt (the grey sneakers with white laces were just a bonus to the outfit, but not necessary). IF the font on my tee is black, then I most definitely would have worn a black bottom to go with it.




Here’s more… I really need to take less photos… 🙂

Hope you liked the look! Thanks for reading lovelies.



  1. mollylamour says

    Love the monochromatic look. Sporty and luxe. Message me if you’re interested in a chance to be interviewed 🙂

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  2. I too am in love with minimalism and what’s absolutely funny is that if the font was black I too would wear a black skirt lol. This look screams chic while being causal, love it!

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