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Turtleneck Weather

Happy Sunday everyone! Let’s speak turtle neck. (I found something interesting today called the Turtle Neck club for fashion elites, hahaha genius)

I’ve always doubted turtlenecks on me because I felt like it only suits others with thin sharp faces. I still think that,I just refused to listen to my fashion instincts any longer and miss out on the countless turtleneck benefits. Brownie points for getting out the comfort zone? 🙂15

Turtleneck benefits include:

  • It’s hella warm!
  • Enables the classic high longevity silhouette
  • If it’s a tight one (unlike this one), it draws attention to the bust area and accentuates the feminine figure
  • Easy to match, great layering piece and works with pretty much any pants
  • Easiest way to a sleek and fashionable vibe in winter, always


The interesting thing about fashion is that it doesn’t take someone who’s gifted with sense of style to be fashionable. Sometimes it just takes someone a little different, a little bold, who can back that all up with confidence.








Hope you lovelies liked this look, and my DW watch! (I finally got one! Also in a different strap). Anyway, wish you all a great week ahead. ❤



  1. henryfanhichew says

    Oh Val, what a lovely watch you have 🙂 Looks good! Very Nice pictures too. Love the outfit


  2. Anonymous says

    I love this look and definitely thinking about getting this sweater if it is still available for the fall/winter later on this year!


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