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Neutral Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s everyone! Hope you got to spend it with the one you love, and if you’re single like me, definitely don’t let anything stop us from being happy on Valentine’s Day! I came across this article on WikiHow on How to Be Happy Being Single on Valentine’s Day, thought I’d share with you single beautifuls out there ❤

Unfortunately I don’t have an festive valentine’s outfit for you guys.Instead this was another neutral outfit that I thought would look cute in the winter. I’ve always had a thing for fuzzy and comfortable sweaters. Although I have to say it’s not always the most obvious choice to match a chunky sweater with cotton material skirt. It’ll generally create a top or bottom heavy look. I threw on a pair of ankle boots in black to balance out this top heaviness through symmetry. You guys already know I love shades, and grey is my new favorite from the family.





For accessories, especially sweater accessories, always stick with simplicity! This isn’t a plain outfit due to the furry feels, so accessories aren’t center of the attention, they are only there to compliment. The purse I’m carrying is probably my favorite purchase from Coach. I generally stay away from their bags because I get too overwhelmed at their logos printed everywhere, but this, was a winner. Sleek navy blue leather dressed up with chain in gold. Stunner! ❤11





Do you guys like the setting of the shoot? It’s a really nice neighborhood but I didn’t actually get permission to take photos here, shh! haha 🙂

Hope you guys liked this! Much love ❤



  1. Nice shots. Really taken delicate care to present the beauty of the person as well the costumes ! Good Job there. Hope your neighbors are not on WP 😛

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  2. hannah li says

    very nice look! you are still charming even if you are a single now. Mr. Right is coming this year. Best wishes!

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