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Sleeveless Waterfall Coat

Temperature in Toronto has been consistently floating around 5 degrees and it actually brings such a fashion challenge. What the weather entails is that I need to prepare for layers, especially since it’s too warm for winter parkas and too cold for spring coats. I’ve never been a fan of layering because while doing it right can be chic and powerful, it’s also easy to look chunky and noisy. However the most important thing that I’d like to promote is to obviously stay warm! The general formula includes – warm and comfy piece on your skin, like silk/cotton undershirt + a decently thick piece such as a hoodie/sweater/cardigan + a 3rd conclusive piece in wool material which keeps you dry and warm + optional step to accessorize to your heart’s content with scarves and boots.

Here I’m wearing a long body hugging turtleneck  sweater, wool sleeveless waterfall coat, and some black chunky heels to finish off the look.




I definitely think this outfit is more fall appropriate rather than for spring, but I was just so in love with my virgin sleeveless coat – it’s one of those pieces that showcases individuality but in a very modest way, what’s not to adore?




Typically I would avoid accessorizing heavily with layers, but I decided to wear two necklaces that vary in length with this look, reason being that all the pieces I’m wearing are lengthy, and I wanted to provide some structure to my outfit by attracting attention to the upper body.






Hope you liked the look lovelies. Oh, and here’s my current song on replay. (:



  1. Oh, wow! This style is just spot on! Something I’d definitely want to try to pull off if the weather here in Manila, Philippines, isn’t too warm. T vT

    It kinda reminds me of a post-modern get-up. Love it!


  2. Lifestyle Dundee says

    I love this look! I’m the same as you, being warm tends to win over everything else so layering it up under a sleeveless coat is kind of a necessity!

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