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Spring Camel Coat II

In my previous post Spring Camel Coat I, I mentioned that I like to wear my timeless coat in different ways to embrace versatility. And here it is as promised 🙂

The best part is that nothing dramatic was done to the look, what I did involved losing some womanly pieces (stockings and scarf) along with the addition of my personal favorite Superstars. A big contributor to the alteration is actually a sneaky unnoticeable one – unbuttoning the coat. Buttoned coats/jackets/blazers project a clean polished feel (an Asian parent favorite), my father always gives me a hard time about how sloppy I look without doing up the buttons, but ladies, it’s OK to be a rebel in fashion! If you’re looking to transform your classy outerwear into something with more casual feel, try undoing the buttons and losing the heels (did I just rhyme?). 🙂








Check out Spring Camel Coat I if you haven’t already, which look did you guys like more?



  1. aogbebor says

    Love the coat. I totally agree a timeless piece to have in a wardrobe. Really like that you styled them with Adidas superstars too 🙂


  2. Anonymous says

    I love how you’ve managed to show such contradicting sides of the same piece of clothing! Love the shoes!!


  3. aixagomis says

    Love how simple but yet so chic this outfit is! love the jacket / superstars combo!


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