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Gender Neutrals

I’ve always been a fan of the female body silhouette and fancy anything that compliments my figure, but recently I find myself blurring the lines by wearing gender neutral styles and tones. It’s strange, I no longer mind buying clothes that are sizes up my normal fit, and no longer feel self-conscious about wearing loosely fitted pants. Somehow flat hipped jeans and shapeless dresses have sneaked their way into my wardrobe. Perhaps it’s an age thing, or perhaps it’s another form of confidence.

As street style continues to prevail in the market, it’s clear that although the gender neutrals reflect designers’ curiosity, they aren’t accidents – they’ve pretty much dominated the conversation. The best part is that it works both ways, as I shop in men’s section, I also see men shop in women’s. It takes some open minds, but it seems function and individuality are now held in higher regards than an uniform idea of what’s conventionally appropriate. As some industry insiders put it, it’s more evolutionary than revolutionary, the blurred lines is a result of our changing attitude and culture, we’re just becoming more relaxed about it all.
























Hope I inspired you to mix some neutrals tones and pick out some unconventional pieces. Try something new, it may bring you pleasant surprises 🙂 thanks for reading lovelies, stay gorgeous.



  1. henryfanhichew says

    Welcome Back! Was waiting for your next blog post to come out. Great insight. Love the look!

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  2. I like your post and it’s true shopping has become more about finding the look that’s comfortable to you. Your outfit is stylish yet comfortable.

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  3. Girl!! You can write. I love how you put things in perspective. The pictures are well taken too. And you’re definitely killing it with the neutral tones.

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  4. I adore your outfit, it looks so cool 😍 But that’s not the only thing I love about this post. I also really like your writing, especially how you put things into perspective. It really makes a person think. And I noticed similar things as well, so it’s good to know I’m not the only one 😄 But yeah, it’s a great post for sure!

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  5. haha that’s so good to hear! thanks a lot Maran! Yeah I figured it’d be a good idea to talk about these subtle trends hitting us…haha, take care!


  6. Damn girl! Loved the way you have put things. Even I am too conscious to choose a size big for my body, but I am surely taking a page out of your book and trying something like this!

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  7. I love this! It is sophisticated. I love the round glasses. You definitely pull off the blurred lines between the genders perfectly. Major inspo for me I should start to incorporate that as well

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