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New Height

I’m a believer that our attires should reflect who we are and bring the best out of us. Given that I have a multi-faceted personality, I do have a lot of freedom in expressing myself through fashion. And this one is the little rebel in me. It’s a rather masculine look – all black, Adidas footwear, and a dress that doesn’t hug my body. The choker is the cherry on top, but what puts things into perspectives is the frontal low cut that adds femininity to the look.

As an Asian girl growing up in Western society, I had my fair share of insecurities for my body, and there were certain styles that I thought I’d never experiment with despite my appreciation for them. It isn’t until recent years when I realized that if you adore a style, then you have it in you. You can pull off whatever the heck you want to reflect your personal style as long as you do it with confidence, and believe that this is you. With every new thing I try, I open a door of possibility; and with every door I open, I feel a little more inspired to take my style to new heights.













Thanks for reading lovelies, hope you had an amazing weekend, and got to spend some time outdoors.



  1. bluebullentinbow says

    Really really beautiful minimalist outfit, I absolutely love the contrast of the bag with the black dress!! Thanks for passing by my blog, it’s always nice to read people’s thoughts and explore new blogs. Keep it up!


  2. shaunz says

    Awesome, i love the outfit! you are rocking it girl.. never let society dictate to you, do whatever makes you happy, i left a like and i’m also following you 😉

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  3. This dress is amazing!! Love the choker too! Totally feeling you on the ”not feeling like you can pull off a certain style” thing.. But you never know until you try haha!


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