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The Retro

The conscious derivative or imitative of trends, modes, fashions, or attitudes of the recent past – I know retro when I see it. Modern designers and fashion houses have massive archives of vintage garments from which they draw inspiration and reinterpret for contemporary fashion. I am often reminded how close a lot of modern designs comes to replicating older garments.

Having said that, the outfit here is an example. The Coca-cola graphic tee and baggy trousers with intense 80s vibes had me turning heads. I bought these two pieces on separate occasions without being entirely certain how I’ll style them. Then I quickly made a brave decision to work with what I have and test out the green and red combination, complemented by some gold accessories that add to the warm tones. Many thinks green and red together is a big fashion no-no because it’s too easy to look like Christmas, let alone stylish. But I think as long as you incorporate elements of modern fashion (e.g. the crop top, the trendy accessories, the ombre, etc.), then you are more than safe. Plus, I’m all about wearing whatever makes you feel good, even if it means you are stretching a little from reality, haha.














As usual, thanks for reading lovelies. ❤ See you next time.



  1. You look incredible in that combo! I love how you put those Coca Cola colours together. I can see what you mean now about brands recycling trends and could definitely see Moschino/Gucci trending colours coming through. Great photography too, I will be following as you ooze originality!✌️

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  2. Great combination! I love how you incorporated the pallets to your photo, creative photo location.

    xx, Des


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