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Weekn’d Morning Routine

When I have a good morning, I always feel like I have a great day ahead. It’s important to start a day well. Weekday mornings are rushed because I need to get to work, but on the weekends – it’s time to slow down and have a relaxing time ❤ I try to get abundance of sleep on weekends, us girls really need it, it’s like food for our bodies! I usually wake up at around 10 AM. After basic cleansing, I would treat my skin 🙂 I know many people like to do facial masks at night time, but I prefer weekend mornings because I don’t do this daily, it is extra refreshing and I can really take my time ^^ Ever since I was in my teens, my mother used to buy me cosmetics and skincare products so I never had to. Like all Asian moms, she favors American or French products such as Lancome & Estee Lauder. So growing up I never had the habit of buying skincare products, until recent years when I developed liking for Asian products and …

Final Chapter – Memorable Little Hut

Hi beautifuls! This is going to be the last post from Cuba series…finally! These are taken at the beach near the resort. It’s funny, the first couple times I went there I never noticed this cute little hut! But good thing I paid attention to it during my last visit because I find it so artistic! And I thought below shots did it justice! The dress I’m wearing is from H&M! It was about $30 dollars. It was one of those purchases with zero hesitations. It is cotton material and is extremely comfortable to wear. It has a high point split just little below the thigh, which I thought made this seemingly conservative dress a little more interesting. What matches a casual summer maxi at the beach better than a straw hat? 🙂 Love, Val ❤

Counting Down

Counting down to my second last post of Cuba series! This was the last day I spent in Cayococo before heading back home. I decided to spend chunk of my last day around the resort and catch glimpse of beautiful corners that I might have missed. Here I am wearing yellow and white, isn’t it a great summery combination? 🙂 The skirt was $50 from Dynamite, not cheap, not too pricey, but it is well worth it because of the great quality and the comfort it brings me. I don’t travel often, so this was a precious experience to me. I loved the gentle breeze, the warm sunlight, and the night sky full of stars.

Break At Pillar

While in Cuba, I went on a couple excursions. One of them was “Break at Pillar”. Pillar beach is supposedly the most beautiful beach in Cuba, and I was glad I was close to it. Right away, I could tell this beach was different from the local ones near resort, the sand is gold, wind is stronger and the water has amazing waves. As part of the excursion, lunch was served. It was chicken and lobster! My god it was so good!! Early afternoon – time to show off the bikinis! I finally see myself in those perfect looking scenery frames online. The place was so pretty! Oh hello thar! The bikinis are from Bikini Village. Unfortunately I missed all the good sales prior to Cuba trip, these were purchased for about $100. Along with the bikinis, I also bought a sarong to match with them. I love sarongs! They are so flexible and you can practically wear them however you want, a scarf, a dress, a top, or a skirt! Definitely to my heart’s content. …

Travel Diary – Cuba Day Series I

Hi lovelies, I am back to continue my Cuba series. These were taken within the Memories resort, amazing setting, no? ❤ Before I came here, I used to see all these amazing scenery online or in other peoples’ photos. This time I got to see it myself, it was unreal! See the little turf behind me? That was actually the bar, it was a party late every night with open bar, lively music and lots of dancing 🙂