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Denim Suspenders

Yep, back with another suspenders look 🙂 (And there will be more!) I’ll try not to bore you with all these suspenders but I just love love love them! 🙂 Suspenders are from Suzy Shier, at about $50. Suzy’s stuff is stylish but the quality isn’t the best – so I’d consider this a splurge actually. The tee is from Zara, it was only around $15! Loved the simple white Tee and loved the message on it – No one is perfect! I recently wrote about not letting perfect be the enemy of good, feel free to check it out here. Isn’t this the most adorable necklace? It’s an owl on a chain! If you aren’t a style blogger you may not appreciate how hard it is to find a nice setting to shoot! Luckily there is a beach nearby my place, surrounded by interesting buildings and parks. I was thrilled to have found this little corner 🙂 The shoes are also from Suzy’s! This was on sale, under $10! If you are into comfortable shoes, these are heavenly! …

Supergirl & Her Suspenders Pt.II

Hi everyone, just yesterday I posted Part I of this post, Supergirl & Her Suspenders. This is a continuation of the post and I’ll focus more on the accessories. I bought the hat at Armani Exchange, when I still worked there. Their stuff in general is quite similar to Guess – which means it’s hit or miss for me. I did get employee discount for the hat 🙂 It was originally about $50. I must say it was love at first sight with the shoes, isn’t it just amazing?! This was $45 dollars from an Asian boutique. It isn’t as heavy as it looks, in fact it is quite light and I love that I can run in them! 😛 The sell point was definitely the platform section – horizontal yellow stripes? sign me up! I also adored the shoelace, it is almost 2cm wide, and hence works PERFECTLY with the whole chunky look. By the end of the shoot I needed to relax a bit and enjoy the amazing weather! Let it all go 🙂 Yes this shirt is potentially a boyfriend Tee, it’s really …

White Coat, Black Dress, Them Collars

Hello beautifuls! If you have seen my earlier post – My Spring Coat, I presented a look which I consider as street style. Here I am back with another way to wear my spring coat. This one is girly 🙂  I’m sure you could have worn any dress inside and it would work fine, but I felt specifically a collar dress works best because the coat’s collar area is extremely simple, and having collars inside would bring attention to that area without it looking too busy. This also gave it a preppy feel, so to bring consistency, I  paired it with some glasses! Another reason I chose this dress, was that its length is about the same as the coat! I can’t quite pinpoint the reason why this is a good thing, but it just looks odd to me if the inside is much longer or shorter than the coat. I wore a pretty necklace under the collar to dress it up, and wore a black watch to match the black & white theme.

Shades of Grey

Recently years the trend of vibrant colors for clothes, bags and shoes has been around and everywhere! We’ve been trying to deviate away from the neutral “boring” colors that were once prevailing. But here I want to show some love for one of my favorite colors – grey. ❤ Grey is a simple color, yet you’d stand out from the crowd given the right combination. Take a look at the images below – if you see someone in these outfits, wouldn’t you notice them right away? And given how simple it is, it just screams benefits of minimalism. What’s powerful about this color, is that you can layer, mix and match different shades of grey, and rock it hard – Give it a try! It may not sound applicable but you’d be amazed at the result! And of course, it goes exceptionally well with black and white.

Fall Chic

Hi lovelies! This was actually a very cold day! But I decided to sacrifice myself for the blog. They were taken nowhere fancy – near my neighborhood 🙂 Here I have a black romper with collar from from a boutique on Queen St, Toronto, matched with a royal blue blazer from H&M, and black ankle heels from Aldo. Cool thing about the romper is definitely the back! Super funky rectangle cutout. It’s a bold look showing back like this, but I considered it versatile because I can simply throw on a top with it, or blazer.   Here’s me trying to pose like a model.  The model shoot continues. I matched my with white leaf earrings for some contrast – they are my current absolute favorites, you will probably see more of them in my future posts. xx.