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Counting Down

Counting down to my second last post of Cuba series! This was the last day I spent in Cayococo before heading back home. I decided to spend chunk of my last day around the resort and catch glimpse of beautiful corners that I might have missed. Here I am wearing yellow and white, isn’t it a great summery combination? 🙂 The skirt was $50 from Dynamite, not cheap, not too pricey, but it is well worth it because of the great quality and the comfort it brings me. I don’t travel often, so this was a precious experience to me. I loved the gentle breeze, the warm sunlight, and the night sky full of stars.

Break At Pillar

While in Cuba, I went on a couple excursions. One of them was “Break at Pillar”. Pillar beach is supposedly the most beautiful beach in Cuba, and I was glad I was close to it. Right away, I could tell this beach was different from the local ones near resort, the sand is gold, wind is stronger and the water has amazing waves. As part of the excursion, lunch was served. It was chicken and lobster! My god it was so good!! Early afternoon – time to show off the bikinis! I finally see myself in those perfect looking scenery frames online. The place was so pretty! Oh hello thar! The bikinis are from Bikini Village. Unfortunately I missed all the good sales prior to Cuba trip, these were purchased for about $100. Along with the bikinis, I also bought a sarong to match with them. I love sarongs! They are so flexible and you can practically wear them however you want, a scarf, a dress, a top, or a skirt! Definitely to my heart’s content. …

Pool Before Sunset

Hello world! I’m back to share some pool photos! These are within the Flaminco Resort. So I was looking around and all like “Hmm, I guess I should take off the shirt now, but I’m feeling kind of shy…” “OK I took it off, time to relax! Let me look cute in my little hat and say hi to the camera” “OK let me try a different angle, so all the nice scenery can be included!” “Let’s take a walk around the pool, smell the nature and take pictures with some pom trees <3” (Anyone like my platforms? Colorful and comfortable, was from Ardene’s! )

Travel Diary – Cuba Beach Series I

Hello lovelies! After working for an entire year without break, I finally got an opportunity get away during Christmas time. The destination was – Cayacoco, Cuba. I stayed at the Memories Flaminco Resort, it was such a pleasant experience for the below reasons: 1. The people – Although most of them do not speak fluent English, but they are enthusiastic and very friendly! I felt extremely welcomed at a foreign land. 2. Nights that don’t sleep – I actually got a lot of sleep while I was there, but I remember for the late nights, there is always music and dancing accompanying. They had a 24/7 snack bar, did I mention it was open bar? 3. The scenery – Can’t say Cayococo is the most beautiful place in the world, but it is definitely the best place for vacay I’ve ever been to. (I really haven’t been out much 🙂 ) 4. The weather – Caught the winter of Cuba, which is about 26-28 degrees everyday. That was absolutely heaven when mixed with breezes from the ocean. …