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Shades of Grey

Recently years the trend of vibrant colors for clothes, bags and shoes has been around and everywhere! We’ve been trying to deviate away from the neutral “boring” colors that were once prevailing. But here I want to show some love for one of my favorite colors – grey. ❤ Grey is a simple color, yet you’d stand out from the crowd given the right combination. Take a look at the images below – if you see someone in these outfits, wouldn’t you notice them right away? And given how simple it is, it just screams benefits of minimalism. What’s powerful about this color, is that you can layer, mix and match different shades of grey, and rock it hard – Give it a try! It may not sound applicable but you’d be amazed at the result! And of course, it goes exceptionally well with black and white.

Flower Princess

Back with a similar post! This was a dinner shoot! As I mentioned in previous posts, at the Cuba resort we had choices of 3 A la Carte restaurants, this is the second one! Here’s me at the restaurant! I was really hungry and couldn’t wait for the food! I am so terrible, I don’t seem to remember what type of food this was…=D but I think this is pork! I was starving and was ready to dig in. OK, food was great, let’s stroll around the lobby. This is the front of the lobby, very decorative and festive, no? This is the one of the lobby entrant/exit, I really liked the way it was designed, everything was not only symmetrical, also reminded me of many Asian landmarks. This is one of my most favorite summer dress – it is from Guess, was on sale for about $60. Not only is it one of my favorite colors, it is also extremely comfortable to wear due to how lightweight it is. The bottom flare has very many layers, and …

Pool Before Sunset

Hello world! I’m back to share some pool photos! These are within the Flaminco Resort. So I was looking around and all like “Hmm, I guess I should take off the shirt now, but I’m feeling kind of shy…” “OK I took it off, time to relax! Let me look cute in my little hat and say hi to the camera” “OK let me try a different angle, so all the nice scenery can be included!” “Let’s take a walk around the pool, smell the nature and take pictures with some pom trees <3” (Anyone like my platforms? Colorful and comfortable, was from Ardene’s! )

Travel Diary – Cuba Day Series I

Hi lovelies, I am back to continue my Cuba series. These were taken within the Memories resort, amazing setting, no? ❤ Before I came here, I used to see all these amazing scenery online or in other peoples’ photos. This time I got to see it myself, it was unreal! See the little turf behind me? That was actually the bar, it was a party late every night with open bar, lively music and lots of dancing 🙂

Travel Diary – Cuba Beach Series I

Hello lovelies! After working for an entire year without break, I finally got an opportunity get away during Christmas time. The destination was – Cayacoco, Cuba. I stayed at the Memories Flaminco Resort, it was such a pleasant experience for the below reasons: 1. The people – Although most of them do not speak fluent English, but they are enthusiastic and very friendly! I felt extremely welcomed at a foreign land. 2. Nights that don’t sleep – I actually got a lot of sleep while I was there, but I remember for the late nights, there is always music and dancing accompanying. They had a 24/7 snack bar, did I mention it was open bar? 3. The scenery – Can’t say Cayococo is the most beautiful place in the world, but it is definitely the best place for vacay I’ve ever been to. (I really haven’t been out much 🙂 ) 4. The weather – Caught the winter of Cuba, which is about 26-28 degrees everyday. That was absolutely heaven when mixed with breezes from the ocean. …

Just My Favorite Sweater

Hello everyone! Here I present you a beautifully knitted sweater from Garage (only $35) ! I remember shopping at Garage when I was in my teens, but that did not not stop me from loving this! The sweater is very thick in material, yet it has a soft touch and isn’t too harsh on my skin – a combination of style and comfort. I actually got this in one size bigger because I wanted to wear it as a sweater dress, which is my obsession this season, who needs pants anyway? Yes, Gucci Shades and UGGs together definitely makes sense to me 🙂


I developed a liking for fuzzy sweaters, I actually have it in 3 different colors: black, aqua, & baby pink. To go with the black sweater, there are several plausible choices – Blue Jeans, white jeans, or beige. I decided to pull out my white Armani jeans and I almost regretted the decision immediately – they make you look 10 pounds heavier! I wanted collars to dress up the outfit, but I didn’t want to wear a dress shirt inside because the sweater shouldn’t look any more bloated. So I threw on something like the below 🙂 It is thin with lovely collars. These shoes were from Aldo bought maybe 3 years back. It was one of my first pairs of ankle boots. It is leather quality, still in style to this day, and very comfortable. (Big fan of shoelaces btw) This cute little purse is from Kate Spade. It was from a shopping spree in Buffalo. It is very thin and small in size, perfect for a nightout. I bought them because they look like the Eiffel …

Black & White. Color.

Hi Lovelies! Before I went out, I decided to capture my outfit of the day. Did I mention here I am wearing simply the coolest earring? Four butterflies hangs on it! I am wearing a long furry sweater/cardigan on this chilly day. It is comfortable, it is warm, it is fashionable – all that come at one cost, it sheds fur! But I still love it regardless 🙂 I remember running between two malls to find my size (this is $50 from Garage!). Inside I am wearing a very simple black dress found at a boutique. It is one of my favorite styles but it is a rare find, I bought it with zero hesitation after seeing it. It is high-low, but it is not flow-y nor does it flare out. it is cotton material and although it does not provide a shape, it is slimming 🙂 You must have seen these shoes many times by now (and bag). The MK watch is a new find though! Oh and the necklace, apologies that I did not shoot a …