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Men’s Section?

We’ve all seen cross dressing among children, little boys dressed up in tutu dresses and little girls in tom boy caps. But just because we grow older doesn’t necessarily mean we must grow out of it 🙂 There are certainly things I appreciate about men’s fashion, such as its simplicity, masculinity and definition. This is especially the case when I am going for a “tough girl” or “street” look. For example, if you are looking for a motor jacket, you need to try the men’s section, there are just more styles there! And since they are meant to be a little baggy, a size small for men would be perfect for girls with a small/medium fit. Here I have a Tee from H&M men’s section (can you tell?), for $20. I’ve been loving this long Tee trend in men’s fashion, and I decided to personally embrace it as well, because a long Tee for men means it’s a casual & street chic T-shirt dress for me 🙂

Colors of Spring

Weather in Toronto has been switching between summer and spring for the month of May. It has been raining a lot in the past weeks, so it’s safe to say that it’s still spring 🙂 Some people call Spring the awkward in between season, because you can’t fully say goodbye to your sweaters, but you can’t bust out your summer wardrobe either. So I decided to put together an outfit that accommodates this weather. Top – From an Asian boutique, it’s wool & cotton material, which keeps me warm from occasional chilly breeze, but at the same time it’s light in color and also sleeveless, making it a piece more suited for warmer seasons. I love the ruffles around the neckline, dressing up the top! Skirt – I avoided summer skirts made of silk or light cotton material, and wore a faux leather skirt which adds an element of weight to the outfit, making it more appropriate for this in between season. Stockings – As an attempt to stay warm, I wore black stockings with about medium level of sheerness. Shoes – …