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My Spring Coat

Hello beautifuls! Spring has arrived! Temperature is rising, trees are blooming and birds are singing! But – it’s still not summer, so you still need a coat! To be honest, I had to really make up my mind getting this jacket – it is $80 from H&M. You may know already that I love H&M, their stuff matched correctly look amazing, but I was still hesitant with the price. HOWEVER – after I started wearing it – I grew to love it more and more! I can’t express why exactly I like it, because logically 1. It doesn’t accentuate my figure, 2. The color gets dirty easily and 3. It’s really not that warm x) But hey, a girl doesn’t always need a reason to buy something – as long as she FEELS fabulous.

Cute Or Legit?

My lovely followers! This is an outfit I find super cute! You must have all seen the look where dress shirts are worn under a sweater, except it is most commonly found among men’s fashion, as a casual look for work, etc. It is totally underrated for women! Three things I like about the outfit: Color combination – light blue works great with black! Sweater – It is a big sweater! I am a sucker for those; and not to mention the big heart on the sweater, it is super Asian, but I love it. The shoes – although it looks simple, but it screams adorable to me! It’s very round all over, very loose/roomy around the ankle (which gives an illusion of thinner calves), and has built in platforms – what’s not to love?

Flower Princess

Back with a similar post! This was a dinner shoot! As I mentioned in previous posts, at the Cuba resort we had choices of 3 A la Carte restaurants, this is the second one! Here’s me at the restaurant! I was really hungry and couldn’t wait for the food! I am so terrible, I don’t seem to remember what type of food this was…=D but I think this is pork! I was starving and was ready to dig in. OK, food was great, let’s stroll around the lobby. This is the front of the lobby, very decorative and festive, no? This is the one of the lobby entrant/exit, I really liked the way it was designed, everything was not only symmetrical, also reminded me of many Asian landmarks. This is one of my most favorite summer dress – it is from Guess, was on sale for about $60. Not only is it one of my favorite colors, it is also extremely comfortable to wear due to how lightweight it is. The bottom flare has very many layers, and …

Travel Diary – Cuba Beach Series III

Hi everyone! I am back for more! I feel like I’ll never finish posting my Cuba Series at this rate… I’ll try to be more productive at posting 🙂 Just smiling at the camera 🙂 I got this bikini 5 years ago! From Asia of course, where else would I buy such cute-sy things. When I headed to the beach this day, it was already getting dark (since it was winter at Cuba, it gets dark at like 5pm:( ), so my pictures are are kind of dim. I also remember this was the day I got a lot of mosquito bites.. it isn’t easy trying to look cute… 🙂 My first time in water for years! I was never a good swimmer, and the sea water is so salty! But just like how I am an adaptive person, I got friendly with the water pretty quick 🙂 Just posing under the last bit of sunlight, catching last glimpse of the blue sky…before I get eaten alive by the mosquitoes.. (They always come out when it …


I developed a liking for fuzzy sweaters, I actually have it in 3 different colors: black, aqua, & baby pink. To go with the black sweater, there are several plausible choices – Blue Jeans, white jeans, or beige. I decided to pull out my white Armani jeans and I almost regretted the decision immediately – they make you look 10 pounds heavier! I wanted collars to dress up the outfit, but I didn’t want to wear a dress shirt inside because the sweater shouldn’t look any more bloated. So I threw on something like the below 🙂 It is thin with lovely collars. These shoes were from Aldo bought maybe 3 years back. It was one of my first pairs of ankle boots. It is leather quality, still in style to this day, and very comfortable. (Big fan of shoelaces btw) This cute little purse is from Kate Spade. It was from a shopping spree in Buffalo. It is very thin and small in size, perfect for a nightout. I bought them because they look like the Eiffel …