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Lace & Hollows

I ventured to Europe a couple weeks ago and visited London and Paris. I have to say it’s the best vacation I’ve taken yet. Not only did I get to walk amidst living history and remarkable architecture, I also got to experience different cultures by playing local – eat street food, attend carnivals/events in the city, take public transit everywhere, hang at a cafe and converse with strangers. I can go on forever about the trip but perhaps I’ll talk about it in a separate blog post and just stay on topic here…(: Below is a snippet of my stay in Paris, the shoot was done at Palais Royal which was one of my absolute favorite sites in Paris. This beautiful place radiates positive energy and intriguingly a calming atmosphere, all of which complimented by an hint of romance. To go with it all I’m wearing a exquisite white top consisted of flattering patterns of lace and hollows. I matched it with a neutral tone bubble shorts belted by a scarf to further augment femininity.

Tie A Knot

Do you ever stare at your closet and find yourself at a lack of choices? And it certainly isn’t from a shortage of clothes, but rather you just can’t find what you need for who you want to be today! It happens to me only all. the. time. But, I am a firm believer of affordable fashion – splurging should only happen on items that I really like, and not to satisfy my need for more choices. This was one of those days, and having said the above – the alternative to buying new pieces, is of course to work with the existing! I’m not good with my needles and yarns, but I’m all up for simpler adjustments involving scissors, and ….tying knots! 🙂 This blue dress-shirt is actually something I wear for work typically under a blazer, and certainly not something I’d consider wearing casually over weekends. I decided to change things up and turned it into a part of this night-out look. It brings a totally different feeling, hence is now a new addition to my wardrobe at no cost! I wore these cute polka dot wedges because I felt …

Fashion Favorites [06/29]

The fashion industry has fast changing dynamics, while we always hold on to our classic pieces, we also develop likes for the most trending products from season to season. Today I am going to share some of the recent fashion favorites with you! Let’s jump into it! ❤ 1) Summer’s almost here! Have you gotten a pair of slides? While we still adore gorgeous stilettos, the minimalism style has really gotten its market share – simple slip-on sandals are EVERYWHERE. It’s perfect for an effortless look on a casual day out. I’d personally go for black sandals for a more chic street feel. In terms of what kind of slides are best for you, I’d say be adventurous and just try something you normally wouldn’t wear! I have a feeling this is going to be a short lived fad, so experience the trend before it goes away! 2) Is that matching wear I see? Heck yeah! At one point I’m sure we all thought matching clothing is a tacky and cheesy concept. But you don’t have to worry about that no more 🙂 You can get with …

Supergirl & Her Suspenders

Hey everyone! I’m back with two personal favorites – Suspenders and Superman. Superman’s been my favorite superhero since I was a little girl, I just couldn’t pass on this Tee when I spotted it at H&M! It was about $15. It is cotton and very light, perfect for days with big sun! The suspenders shorts with leather straps were $50 from Guess. I rarely shop at Guess any more, but I must admit they have some pretty unique chic stuff. Aside from the leather straps, I also loved the color fade on the shorts! It is quite hard to have fades on dark colored jeans without it looking cheap, but Guess pulled it off well with this design! I threw on a fedora hat to dress up the outfit, although there are many types of hats that would work with suspenders, such as caps or trucker hats if you are going for a naughty look. I certainly did not think any earrings would work with this outfit, so I decided to stay away from anything dangly …

Fall Chic

Hi lovelies! This was actually a very cold day! But I decided to sacrifice myself for the blog. They were taken nowhere fancy – near my neighborhood 🙂 Here I have a black romper with collar from from a boutique on Queen St, Toronto, matched with a royal blue blazer from H&M, and black ankle heels from Aldo. Cool thing about the romper is definitely the back! Super funky rectangle cutout. It’s a bold look showing back like this, but I considered it versatile because I can simply throw on a top with it, or blazer.   Here’s me trying to pose like a model.  The model shoot continues. I matched my with white leaf earrings for some contrast – they are my current absolute favorites, you will probably see more of them in my future posts. xx.

Summer Day

Absolutely gorgeous outfit, matched with uncanny accessories: double lay-up brown leather belt with refined lenient shorts in rosy pink – not your everyday casual match. Up top, a blouse of parallel nature with the shorts, accessorized with a wrap-around knotted scarf – spontaneous and classy.