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Supergirl & Her Suspenders

Hey everyone! I’m back with two personal favorites – Suspenders and Superman. Superman’s been my favorite superhero since I was a little girl, I just couldn’t pass on this Tee when I spotted it at H&M! It was about $15. It is cotton and very light, perfect for days with big sun! The suspenders shorts with leather straps were $50 from Guess. I rarely shop at Guess any more, but I must admit they have some pretty unique chic stuff. Aside from the leather straps, I also loved the color fade on the shorts! It is quite hard to have fades on dark colored jeans without it looking cheap, but Guess pulled it off well with this design! I threw on a fedora hat to dress up the outfit, although there are many types of hats that would work with suspenders, such as caps or trucker hats if you are going for a naughty look. I certainly did not think any earrings would work with this outfit, so I decided to stay away from anything dangly …

My Spring Coat

Hello beautifuls! Spring has arrived! Temperature is rising, trees are blooming and birds are singing! But – it’s still not summer, so you still need a coat! To be honest, I had to really make up my mind getting this jacket – it is $80 from H&M. You may know already that I love H&M, their stuff matched correctly look amazing, but I was still hesitant with the price. HOWEVER – after I started wearing it – I grew to love it more and more! I can’t express why exactly I like it, because logically 1. It doesn’t accentuate my figure, 2. The color gets dirty easily and 3. It’s really not that warm x) But hey, a girl doesn’t always need a reason to buy something – as long as she FEELS fabulous.

Fall Chic

Hi lovelies! This was actually a very cold day! But I decided to sacrifice myself for the blog. They were taken nowhere fancy – near my neighborhood 🙂 Here I have a black romper with collar from from a boutique on Queen St, Toronto, matched with a royal blue blazer from H&M, and black ankle heels from Aldo. Cool thing about the romper is definitely the back! Super funky rectangle cutout. It’s a bold look showing back like this, but I considered it versatile because I can simply throw on a top with it, or blazer.   Here’s me trying to pose like a model.  The model shoot continues. I matched my with white leaf earrings for some contrast – they are my current absolute favorites, you will probably see more of them in my future posts. xx.