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The Happiness Formula

Just like how we sometimes have our sweaters, bed sheets and many other things in life reversed – it’s also happening to our happiness formula. In case you’re wondering what a happiness formula is, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a formula you follow and allow you to feel happier. Let me explain.

Ted Baker Store

Lovelies! As I mentioned in one of my previous post Have You Met Ted?, that I would show you around their store and showcase some of their products, since I absolutely adore the brand. Below are taken at the Ted Baker local store in Toronto Eaton Centre. The store interior has such unique and sweet decors, click on the photos to see the slideshow! Ted Baker is a luxury clothing brand, it sells designer clothing and accessories for men and women. They are already a very established brand, originated in the UK. To me the style reminds me a little bit of Kate Spade, but it is also much more. “Ted Baker’s combination of classic British style and quirky detailing has won it a loyal following of fashionistas and fashionistos worldwide. As you browse through the beautifully cut designs in store, pay special attention to the details: this is a label that delights in subtle touches of embroidery and trim. Ted Baker prides itself on offering ‘twice the product for half the price’ – and the fine fabrics, tailoring …